Gear & Things

Daily Software

  • Editor: Zed – I still have VS Code installed; however, I have become exhausted with how many resources it demands. Zed's innovative rendering approach keeps my system cool and allows me to work remotely for longer.
  • Color Theme: Andromeda – One of the default color scheme for Zed. Even though Zed doesn't support custom color schemes (yet), I really don't see myself changing it in the foreseeable future.
  • Linting & Formatting: ESLint + Prettier –  Zed handles prettier formatting on save, and ESLint has "saved my bacon" numerous times. I'm a huge fan of using Prettier plugins like prettier-plugin-tailwindcss.
  • Terminal: iTerm2 – I'm using a matching Androdema theme; It's very satisfying seeing a consistent color schema between Zed and iTerm. Of course, I'm using oh my zsh as well, but my config is very lightweight. I'm also a fan of tmux for grouping related terminal windows instead of iTerm's tab system.
  • Web Browser: Safari –This is probably my most controversial piece of software. I try to prioritize efficiency and battery life above "bells and whistles."

Desktop Apps & Services

  • TablePlus – When I'm not able to use drizzle studio, I prefer peeking into Postgres and MySQL databases with this lightweight, native app for MacOS.
  • Todoist – Keeping track of projects and tasks can be a little daunting at times, and this app makes the "to do list" experience more efficient. Eventually, I would love to replace Todoist with Ikigai soon.
  • Toggl Track – I like to have mini-retrospectives with myself at the end of the week. Keeping track of where my time is spent has been a great way to hold myself accountable. Ikigai should replace this app soon.
  • Notion – Notes, projects, personal databases, and things.
  • Spark Mail – Managing email is impossible; at least, it feels like it. Spark's smart inbox takes a lot of the frustration out of email for me.
  • Rectangle – Why doesn't MacOS have a window manager? Stage manager doesn't count...
  • Turbo Boost Switcher Pro – As much as I love my 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro, this chasis cannot keep up with the Intel i9 processor I have equipped. TB Switcher allows me to turn off the Intel Turbo Boost feature, so that I can trade some personal patience for much longer battery life and a cooler lap.